We focus on product and experience innovation that is appealing, responsible and profitable. To uncover and exploit opportunities for you, we have built a balanced team across human sciences, design and technology with the breadth and depth needed to provide you with meaningful innovation.

Fuelled by Insight

Our passion for understanding people and our in-depth knowledge of socio-economic factors, cultures, design trends and emerging technology allows us to identify the opportunities most appropriate to your business.


Collaborating in a creative environment, our team of inventive thinkers have the expertise and experience across multiple disciplines and industry sectors to generate original ideas grounded in commercial reality.

Focused on Delivery

Capitalising on our creativity, we have both the quality-focus to provide you with clearly-communicated work deliverables and the detail-focus to see solutions delivered into manufacture and the marketplace for your future business growth.


Over the past four decades, we’ve developed a system of design innovation that manages risks, costs and time to deliver the best possible products.

Our process for innovation ensures that our core expertise in human sciences, design, and technology is integrated throughout your project. Through a balanced phase-gate process that is cyclical and concurrent, we deliver projects in a risk-managed and timely manner.

Approach_Process Propella Diagram_V2

We can apply our process from the beginning of a project (reviewing business plans) all the way to completion (managing production partners), or at specific stages to complement your in-house team. 

Our process consists of several phases: 

Understand: we identify fertile opportunity areas by understanding your business goals, customers' needs and market trends and applicable technology and then agree what needs to be done.

Conceive: we explore different ideas for what can be done and then determine what should be done to best align concepts with your business and project objectives.  

Evolve: we develop, analyse and test concepts to demonstrate how they can be done to complete design and engineering solutions.

Prove: we build prototypes to prove solutions, as well as testing and evaluating them to verify that they meet defined requirements and validate that they're fit for the intended purpose. 

Apply: we specify and document final designs for your team or production partners with the necessary quality management to ensure effective transfer.