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Luke C

Luke C

Consultant - Models & Prototypes

Languages spoken: English (occasionally and badly).
The last thing that inspired me: Posts I see on Instagram and Pinterest of sculpture, jewellery or clever design. The architecture and craftsmanship of buildings in Greece and London. Or just talking to Malc (work colleague) about solar panels. Basically I am inspired regularly in many little ways.
My dream project: One where I get to be part of its creation from beginning to end. It should provide a variety of challenges and learning experiences that ends in something clever, beautiful or sleek, and most importantly one that makes the world a little bit better.
My obsession: Food, family, friends and the pursuit of laziness.

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The advantages of having an in-house Development Centre (DC)

The advantages of having an in-house Development Centre (DC)

One of the unique things about PDD is that its London studio has its own in-house DC, which provides our clients and PDD designers and engineers with some massive advantages over competitors.

Sounds of the DC

Check out the tunes coming from our Development Centre.

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