Design Strategy

Design strategy ensures that the products and services we design for you are innovative and commercially successful. With a diverse mix of experts in ethnography, trends, business strategy, usability research and technology, we produce original and actionable strategic innovation roadmaps based on market differentiating opportunities.
Our design strategy focuses on external factors, such as user experience, local and global trends and competitive/market dynamics, which in combination with internal expertise of creative design, technology application, manufacturing and usability testing, help us create for you  a cohesive strategic road map and action plan for project and market success.

Our services include:

Opportunity framing: translating streams of different research into spaces of potential opportunity, to identify areas that a brand/company can differentiate, innovate and ultimately grow.

Creative translation: we have developed a range of techniques to analyse, filter and fully utilise business aspirations, strategy insights and consumer insights, into meaningful challenges. Helping us validate for you areas of opportunity for innovation and new product/service development.

Creative sessions: crafting creative and collaborative workshops, building traction around ground-breaking insights and designing concepts that will change your market.

Innovation roadmapping: having identified opportunities and translated insights into concepts, we use our experience in product/service development and launch, to map an innovation pipeline that guides future R&D.

Sustainability management: by uncovering the latest eco trends, understanding current consumer behaviours, through to conducting Life Cycle Analysis on products to understand their environmental impact, we can ensure that all CSR needs are included and provide guidance on developing sustainable products and services.

News & Insights


PDD completes its transition to the 2016 version of ISO13485 for Medical Devices.

PDD has completed its planned transition to the latest version of this rigorous international quality assurance standard for medical devices, building on the success of earlier transitions and successful audits to the FDA 21CFR Part 820 in 2015.


Risk management: Tips from Bunyadi, London's first naked restaurant

So the waiting list for London’s first naked restaurant has gone through the roof. The Bunyadi opens in June 2016 for three months and claims to offer diners an experience “free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life” including phones, electric lights and even clothing.