Engineering Design & Analysis

Our engineers ensure that the concepts we develop will perform, meet standards and can be made reliably - without any loss of appeal or profitability.
Concept & feasibility - we steer our collective talent and expertise to explore opportunities, create ideas and synthesize solutions but we check our enthusiasm with rationale feasibility assessment ensuring the concepts we recommend are realistic.
Engineering Development - our experience in science, design, materials and processes is applied to assess risk, prove principles and demonstrate potential to you before concepts are developed into functional and manufacturable designs in our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems.
Analysis and Simulation - with our advanced analytical tools we can explore innovative concepts with confidence, de-risk design in virtual prototypes and verify performance at specification. Our tools include numerical applications, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
Specification for Manufacture - we know that strong design needs robust specification for its value to be realised. Our statistical tolerance analysis and assurance of critical functions precedes quality-managed documentation in CAD data, engineering drawings, instructions and production specifications.
Through our creativity, ingenuity and extensive knowledge we provide solutions in many fields including:
  • Fluidics and dispense/delivery systems 
  • Mechanisms and electro-mechanical design 
  • Enclosure design, including for rugged and body-worn applications 
  • Mechanical, structural and flexural design

News & Insights


PDD completes its transition to the 2016 version of ISO13485 for Medical Devices.

PDD has completed its planned transition to the latest version of this rigorous international quality assurance standard for medical devices, building on the success of earlier transitions and successful audits to the FDA 21CFR Part 820 in 2015.


The benefits of using Computational Fluid Dynamics as a tool for innovation

Alex Hanson discusses the benefits of using PDD’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) packages as a powerful tool for creativity and exploration throughout the design process.