Exploring ways to improve portability and cost, PDD pushed the boundaries on several fronts when commissioned to redesign an X-ray dosimeter for Siemens Environmental Systems.
With the need to reduce weight, size and cost, internal components were placed in a more compact configuration and plastic instead of metal material was specified for the outer housing. This strategy did however create significant challenges to be overcome in terms of electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), impact resistance and ingress protection.
The skills of our engineers and designers, our analysis tools and experience ruggedised products came into play overcoming these challenges. Supported by our in-house prototyping capability, which included making a novel thin metal shield to protect ultra-sensitive electronic components, PDD and Siemens worked together to qualify the design through an extensive test programme.
With our responsive support to transfer solutions into production, PDD delivered a much improved X-Ray Dosimeter that met the user need for portability, surpassed the relevant industry benchmarks and exceeding Siemens expectations.

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PDD completes its transition to the 2016 version of ISO13485 for Medical Devices.

PDD has completed its planned transition to the latest version of this rigorous international quality assurance standard for medical devices, building on the success of earlier transitions and successful audits to the FDA 21CFR Part 820 in 2015.


The Role of Human-Centred Design in Healthcare Reform and Transformation

All too often our health care is taken for granted, and we assume it will always be available to serve our community’s needs. The question is “How Healthy are our Healthcare Facilities to handle the diversity of services and to produce healthy outcomes for an expansive and unprecedented market of six (6) living generations – All distinctively different with a diverse set of needs and priorities?” According to Pew Research Centre in 2015, 75.3 million Millennials (18-34) surpassed the number of 74.9 million Baby Boomers (51-69), and Gen X (35-50) is projected to outnumber the Boomers by 2028.